Poland has become one of the most dynamically developing wooden construction markets in Europe. From a country where wooden technology was almost absent in the statistics of erected buildings (2%), we are developing towards a significant producer not only of construction materials, but also building contractors in various wooden technologies. We skillfully draw on the technological achievements and know-how of more experienced countries, such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, USA, but also implement our own solutions, ideas and patents.

In the next edition of Holzbau Forum Polska 2020 we want to promote Polish thought in the field of wooden construction, show the activity of our scientists, ideas of Polish architects and the courage of Polish construction investors who have no prejudices against wood.

MONDAY 5/10/2020

Welcome coffee in the exhibition area
Wood in hybrid constructions
  1. Wood or reinforced concrete? Selection from the developer’s perspective. Jozef Wojciechowski, J.W.Construction

2. Wood and steel in constructions. Harmonious duo? Robert Morawski, MSc

17.30-18.00 Coffee break
18.00-19.30 Session B
Wooden building seen in cross section
1. Correct structural solutions of partitions of the skeletal structure, arch. Wojciech Pilacki

2. Errors at the design stage of skeletal buildings and roofs and their effects at the implementation stage.
Eng. Artur Lewiński

3. The advantage of glulam in a complex-shaped roof structure on the example of the construction of the “Museum of Memory and Identity” in Torn arch. Tomasz Mikrut

19.30- 23.00 GALA DINNER 
8.30.-9.30 Welcome coffee in the exhibition area
9.30-11.00 SESSION C

Wood in roof constructions

1. Wood in modern roof constructions. Practical solutions. dr hab. Eng. Dariusz Bajno

2. Double-trapezoidal glued laminated beams with holes in the ridge zone – design and theoretical aspects. prof. dr hab inż. W. Gilewski, MSc. P. Brodniewicz

3. The stage roof structure in the form of a spherical dome made of glued wood – from the concept to the construction stage. Eng. Adam Kotarski, Modulam

11.00-11.30 COFFEE BREAK 
11.30- 13.00 SESSION D
Durability of wooden construction 
  1. Public building with CLT from the perspective of the requirements of Polish construction law. Construction of a warehouse and office facility in Knurów. Eng. arch. Michał Piecowski

2. Impact of biocorrosion on the durability of wooden buildings, prof. dr hab. Piotr Witomski

3. Analysis of spatial stiffness of multi-storey frame buildings, Eng. arch Rafał Roszczyc

13.00 – 13.30 COFFEE BREAK 
Wooden construction in Poland – good examples

1. 100% wood in a public utility building – Wood Promotion Center in Jata (Poland), Robert Borkowski

2. New Polish technology of glued panels allowing for resignation from classic foundations and caps.
Eng, Michał Ziętara

3. Wooden construction in the context of the goals of sustainable development, arch Magdalena Pios

15.00.-15.30 LUNCH