HBP24: speakers from 7 countries

This year’s Forum has an exceptionally international flavour. We will draw on the expertise of our speakers representing as many as 7 countries:

Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Norway, France and, of course, Poland.

In line with our motto “Practitioners for practitioners”, we have invited experienced architects, constructors, engineers, as well as developers, production, management and fire safety specialists to give lectures.

We tried to make sure that during the two days of the conference you would have the chance to gain knowledge about different types of construction: solid with CLT, timber frame, as well as other, less popular technologies.

If you don’t speak Polish or don’t feel confident in a polish industry language, don’t worry. The papers given by foreign speakers on the first day will be translated simultaneously (headphone system) into English.

Polubisz? Polecisz?