Study visit – construction site of a prefabricated kindergarten

On 25 April from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., before the start of the Forum Holzbau Polska oppening session, we invite participants of the Holzbau Polska Forum to take part in a study visit to the construction site of a kindergarten using prefabricated frame technology. The building – constructed by Ekoinbud, the general contractor – is located in Zegrze, at 2 Oficerska Street just a few kilometres from our Windsor Hotel.

To attend a presentation at the construction site, please register by 19 April:

  • by email to:
  • or by telephone at 885 550 155.

The number of places is limited.
Adequate to the number of people interested, we will determine the presentation times.

Please note that this is a construction site. Comfortable footwear is recommended.

Ecological prefabricated building – extension of kindergarten in Zegrze

-As the General Contractor, we have the pleasure of inviting you to an open day of construction works during which we will show the current progress of the investment and talk about a very modern construction technology, i.e. the prefabrication of heavy timber frameworks – says Tomasz Balcerowski, President of Ekoinbud. – The investment in the town of Zegrze is interesting in that the building, thanks to the solutions used, will be energy-efficient, healthy for users, and the production of the materials has a limited CO2 footprint.

The company is extending and extensively modernising an existing municipal building which, thanks to the extension, will house a modern nursery and crèche. In the new part, we will locate the classrooms and ancillary rooms as well as the boiler room and kitchen facilities.

The investment will be carried out in two stages:

  • Stage I – extension of the existing building to include the nursery part – comprehensive construction of the newly designed part, together with assembly and finishing works and installation of equipment;
  • Stage II – once it is possible to conduct teaching activities for 4 pre-school groups in the new part, carrying out construction works in the existing building aimed at creating a nursery school for 28 children in it, together with execution of assembly and finishing works and installation of equipment, as well as targeted land development.

The construction of the modular nursery school with crèche sections is being carried out under the design and build formula.

This is what the building looks like before the extension. During the open days, participants in the Holzbau Polska Forum will see the progress of the work and the speed of construction made possible by prefabrication. Photo: Serock Town and Municipality Office.

Address of the kindergarten: Oficerska 2, Zegrze

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