J.W. Group Construction to build multi-family housing estate

J.W. Group Construction is building its first multi-family housing estate using wooden frame technology. Two residential buildings made of prefabricated wooden modules will be built in Warsaw’s Białołęka district by the end of 2023, and the developer is already implementing another ecological project.

After a successful investment in a family estate of single-family houses using frame technology in Ożarów Mazowiecki, one of the largest housing developers in Poland decided to use wooden prefabrication technology also in multi-family construction. The Naturalnie Aluzyjna estate consists of two residential buildings with elevators and above-ground parking lots. Both have a total of 32 apartments, four on each floor. The premises on the ground floor have gardens with old trees, ranging in size from 57 to over 600 sq m. The buildings are located on a wooded plot, which is located in a quiet, green area within the regular zone of the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area next to the Ławice Kiełpińskie Reserve.

The Naturalnie Aluzyjna housing estate – an investment by a developer who until recently specialized only in conventional construction – is another example of the multi-family wooden construction market starting to develop in Poland. Thanks to prefabrication, investments can be implemented faster, more efficiently and much more accurately, with less use of raw materials and energy, as well as less work at the construction site. These are advantages that the construction industry cannot ignore. Energy efficiency is also crucial – frame technology and natural, high-performance thermal insulation materials ensure much greater energy efficiency compared to traditional construction. Increasing ecological awareness, in turn, results in greater support for sustainable construction. Wooden houses are friendly to the environment and residents, providing them with a favorable microclimate. Combined with modern, ecological and economic solutions, multi-family wooden construction becomes more competitive and cost-effective.

– The eco-solutions used translate into lower energy bills. Heat pumps, photovoltaic installation, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which provides access to fresh and filtered air without heat loss, as well as underfloor heating are amenities that allow you to save a lot on heating, hot water and lighting bills. The apartments are low-rent. Moreover, by using filters, it will be possible to obtain air in the apartment free of pollutants, bacteria, fungi and pollen. This is an ideal environment for allergy sufferers, comments Małgorzata Ostrowska, director of the Marketing and Sales Division at J.W. Construction.

The developer has already announced that another ecological project will soon be added to its offer – the ECOBerenson housing estate.

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